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Alien Paintball Course

What to Expect

The Best Paintball Park

1. Upon arriving at the Command Center, your credentials, waiver, and schedule will be verified.


Once you are processed you will enter the Vault and receive a series of short videos outlining safety, rules, and course layout.


You will also be briefed on your mission and status of the Alien invasion. Then you will be provided with your equipment and introduced to your course marshal.

2. Exiting the Command Center, you will be led to a practice target to familiarize you with your equipment. Your marshal will then direct you to enter the course.


The course is approximately 1/2 mile long with Alien emplacements, snipers, and roaming infantry which have superior firepower and will be shooting at you.


About halfway through the course you will be led to a resupply station with water for hydration. Additional ammo and other supplies are also available for purchase here. After a short break you will proceed through the rest of the course.

The Best Paintball Park

Experience heart-pounding excitement as you battle extraterrestrial foes, providing an unmatched adrenaline rush.

Adrenaline-Pumping Thrills

Foster camaraderie and teamwork as you and your squad work together to fend off the alien invasion, enhancing your group dynamics.

Team Building

Step into the shoes of a fearless hero, honing your strategic and tactical skills while saving the world from alien invaders.

Unleash Your Inner Hero

Leave the worries of the world behind as you immerse yourself in an action-packed alien encounter, offering a therapeutic escape from daily stress.

Stress Relief

Paintballing is a safe and family-friendly activity, making it suitable for youth and players of all skill levels to enjoy together.

Safe and Fun for All Ages

Create lasting memories with friends and family while sharing tales of your epic battles with intergalactic visitors, ensuring unforgettable adventures.

Memorable Adventures

Alien Paintball Course

Why are they here?

Planet LV-426 was discovered by a deep space research vehicle, Titan 5.


The Titan set down on LV-426 and its officers and crew were never heard from again.


The alien force was able to decrypt the onboard communications history and traced it's origin back to Earth.

The Best Paintball Park
The Best Paintball Park

Since their technology is far superior to ours, it was an easy decision on their part to begin their journey to earth and explore our planet.


We first became aware of their existence during one of their early exploratory missions, when one of their scout ships crashed on a small farm just outside of Lyles Tennessee.


We have recovered significant parts of the vehicle which housed technology far superior to anything we possess. In and around the crash site, both live and dead aliens were recovered.

Despite the aliens having advanced transportation, communications, and weaponry, we've successfully developed strategies to thwart their ongoing missions and eliminate the threat they pose.

However, we have yet to face a full-scale invasion.

The Best Paintball Park
Alien Paintball Course

Meet the Aliens

Black uniform

Alien Infantry
Alien Paintball TN

Fast, lightly armored infantry unit using hit and run

ambush attack strategies.

Considered Dangerous.

Flesh colored with Stealth camouflaged Uniform

Alien Sniper
Alien Paintball TN

Extremely agile and good
climbers. Elevated assault positions with long range weapons. Considered Highly Dangerous.

Grey in ground level fortified bunkers

Alien Ground Assault
Alien Paintball TN

May have automatic weapons.

Considered Extremely Dangerous.

The Best Paintball Park

3. After completing the course, you will have the option to resupply and play in a designated field for your remaining time, or possibly run the course again, or return your equipment.


When you are finished, please return your equipment to the designated area.

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